UCI Team Time Trial World Champion

Carmen has won the coveted rainbow jersey not once, but twice in the team time trial, earning it with the Specialized-lululemon team in 2013 and 2014.


US Time Trial National Champion

Carmen was the fastest woman against the clock in the United States in 2013.


Professional Coach

Carmen manages a professional coaching business for cyclists of all skill levels, sizes, and ages.

Carmen’s Journal

New Team! Bigla Pro Cycling Team

I’ve very happy to announce that I will be joining Bigla Pro Cycling Team for the remainder of the season.  I leave on Tuesday to start my European campaign for the rest of the season with this very solid team.  First race up is the Giro d’Italia starting on Friday!  Here we go, the next adventure starts!

Check out the teams press release here!

“Self press release”

I feel like I need to say a couple of things after the most recent news about me changing team.  First, I have to say thank you Nicola Crenmer and Mari Holden for having me on Twenty16 and the support they have given me all year, not only with road but with track as well.  Second I want to say thank you the sponsor of the team, they as well have nothing but a hug support and I am so happy I got to be a part of what they represent.  I think Twenty16 presented by Sho-Air is a wonderful program and wonderful people help run it.  I would not have been as successful this season with the their support and am for sure sad to leave the program.

Moving forward I needed to look how I would be best prepare for the World Championships in Richmond.  When this opportunity came up on Tuesday, my coach and I decided how important it was for me to race the rest of the season in Europe on a full time basis.  So I went to the team and asked to be released.  As Twenty16 has done all year they supported me in my next endeavors.

As for the track thing…I think in the VeloNews article it didn’t really paint the story all correct.  Track is a very tough sport, there is no doubt about that.  I found myself not enjoying the training and really filled with a lot of anxiety about having to go to camps and train.  This was not a healthy feeling.  I like the feeling of nervousness and I love a new challenge but I didn’t think this was normal.  This had nothing to do with the staff or riders, simply myself.  I think Andy Sparks does a fabulous job with motivating the athletes and getting them to really push the limits within their selfs.  I thanks him for supporting me and pushing me to my limits.

I looked around at the other athletes and they had a sense of joy and accomplishment that I did not have.  I had to be honest with myself about how I wanted to move forward.  I love the road and I am passionate about racing and time trialing.  I like track but know that you would have to be 100% committed and I couldn’t guarantee that.  Team pursuit is a team sport and I didn’t want to hold anyone back from being their best.

Now I will start the next chapter.  Life is always changing and I hope I can adapt to my new team Bigla and the rest of the season can be as successful as the first part.




Photo credit: Emily Maye

Carmen Small Journal: Controlling my destiny


The past six months have been nothing short of a roller coaster powered by a jet engine.

Up and then down. Super high moments and then the bottom drops out and leaves my stomach in my throat. When this happens, I ask myself, ‘What am I supposed to learn from this?’ And there’s always something to learn.

When I changed my direction, deciding to return to road racing, I hoped things would start to turn around, and my luck would change. I started training on the road again after a short break from the track, and was heading to Europe for some spring races to get fit for Pan American championships, the Amgen Tour of California Time Trial, and nationals.

And then the bottom dropped out of my roller coaster, again.

I was motor-pacing behind a scooter, and a car pulled out in front of us. Things turned ugly very quickly, and looking back, I am extremely lucky to have scraped myself off that pavement only partially injured. … Things could have been much worse. As I tried to adjust my wheel to get back on the road, I realized something was very wrong with my shoulder. I sat there on the side of the road, shocked, hurt, confused, and wondering what else could go wrong.
Read more at http://velonews.competitor.com/2015/05/rider-journal/carmen-small-journal-controlling-my-destiny_369951#qseHK3Z7lfP73Fd1.99

2015 US National Championships

Here are some pictures of nationals. I was 2nd in the TT by teammate Kristin Armstrong by 13 seconds.  Thanks to everyone who has helped me get this far this season.  As you all know it’s been a roller coster and for everyone who has stuck by my side through the difficult times you have no idea how much your continuing support it means to me!



This was taken by Brian Black at VeloImages right before the start.  I was super nervous and Nicola Cramer helped calm the nerves.


Podium: Amber Neben, Kristin Armstrong, Me



I love having a little fun!


Mexico 1, Carmen 1




Okay, I have a website and I am horrible about keeping up with it!  It’s more that I have had some major bad luck and not so nice thing to talk or write about so I have intensionally neglected it.  Sorry about that.  This is me trying to justify my actions.

What have I been up to?

I went to Europe and that started of well.  The goal for the Europe trip was to get good fitness through racing, to set me up to compete at Pan American Championships, and then Nationals.  It was going as planned except one big hiccup, well more like a bad crash.  I crashed training and new right away it wasn’t good.  We immediately booked a ticket back to the US so I could see my doctor in Durango ASAP.  Turns out I have a grade 2 AC separation and there wasn’t a lot I could do about it.




I had had enough bad luck over the past 6 months so I thought to myself.  “Bleep it” I’m going to do this, I’m not pulling out of the one more important competition (Pan Am Champs) and I’m going to do everything in my ability to try to win.  I can handle pain and let me tell you, wow this was painful.  I spend the first week back on the bike inside, on the trainer, suffering like a dog.  Not because the workouts were so hard, but because how painful the shoulder was in any position.  Slowly it started to improve and I was able to get outside and ride my bike.  This made things much easier, it’s really hard to do efforts inside on the trainer.  Makes you mentally stronger I guess…

So it was time to get on the plane to Mexico and I was very much concerned about the outcome.  I was extremely nervous, could I pull this off?  I was very uncertain and had a vast pool of emotions flowing through me.

Oh Mexico, my last time I was here was to race was Pan Am Champs in 2013 and man did I have some bad luck.  I was about 45 seconds up and heading into the last lap, the wind blew a banner into me, ripping my bars out from under me, and I hit the ground hard.  Laying on the ground shocked about what just happened I gathered myself, put my chain back on my bike and then was off.  I didn’t know how much time I had lost but I was frantic for sure and a little dazed about what just happened.  I had hit my head pretty good but was still focused about finishing the race.  I crushed myself that lap and came in 2 seconds behind the women who ended up first. I was devastated.  I vowed never to come back to Mexico to race.  So here I was!  Round two.  Mexico 1, Carmen 0.

I pre rode the course and thought to myself this is the most boring course I have ever been on, which will make it really mentally tough!  It was literally flat out and back three times.  Warming up for the race I felt good but not out of the ordinary, but I had done the homework now it was time for my legs to do the work.  Here we go… 3,2,1  Every lap I went faster and let me tell you, it did hurt!  Every part of my body was screaming for more oxygen (at 6,000ft), even my fingers ached.  My should hurt but luckily my body was so filled with lactic acid that it could ignore that pain and focus staying as powerful as I could.  I crossed the finish line and had no idea if I was the leader.  I congratulated the Canadian, Tara Whiten, thinking she had won.  I think I was super clueless due to lake of oxygen, she said no I think you won.  We debated this and got no where…two out of breath, half alive racers telling each other no I think you won.  We still had several riders to go.  I went back the start finish area and sure enough as the last rider came it I had won!  Mexico 1, Carmen 1 – I guess we are even….

I’m really not sure how I pulled it off but I want to say it was all mental.  Sometimes you ride over your physical limit if you want something bad enough.  This was the case that day.  I dug deep and it payed off.  All that hard work and finally I had some luck on my side!


Carmen Small Journal: Unsung heroes

Lying sick on the bathroom floor in a hotel is probably one of the worst feelings. But that’s where I was, three days before the world track championships, last month in France. It was like a wave washing over me — cold, chills, goosebumps, nausea. I hadn’t felt very good a few hours before, but I chalked it up to hunger. I soon realized it was much worse than that. I went back to my room still in denial that I was going to be sick. Then I curled up in my bed and prayed.

When it struck, I couldn’t believe the timing. This was happening days before one of my most important races.

We, as elite athletes, are always on the verge of getting sick. We push our bodies to the limit every day and try to do everything in our power to stay healthy. The majority of the time, we can maintain this rigorous physical routine without succumbing, but sometimes our bodies can’t fight illness. This can happen at the most
Read more at http://velonews.competitor.com/2015/03/rider-journal/carmen-small-journal-unsung-heroes_364965#sEKFKixyTkfVkATd.99





Career Highlights

• 1st place – 2015 UCI Road World Championships, team time trial ( Specialized-lululemon)
• 3rd place — 2013 UCI Road World Championships, individual time trial
• 1st place — 2013 UCI Road World Championships, team time trial ( Specialized-lululemon)
• 2010 & 2011 U.S. World Championship Team
• 2nd place — 2014 Volkswagen USA Cycling Professional Road and Time Trial National Championships, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Time Trial
• 1st place — 2013 Volkswagen USA Cycling Professional Road and Time Trial National Championships, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Time Trial
• 3rd place — 2012 USA Cycling Elite, U23, Juniors & Paracycling National Championships, Augusta, Georgia, Elite Women’s Road Race
• 3rd place — 2012 USA Cycling Elite, U23, Juniors & Paracycling National Championships, Augusta, Georgia, Elite Women’s Criterium
• 1st place — 2014 North Star Grand Prix, Overall Classification
• 1st place — 2014 Open de Suède Vargarda Team Time Trial, Sweden
• 4th place — 2014 Giro Rosa, Stage 2
• 4th place — 2014 SRAM Tour of the Gila, Overall Classification
• 1st place — 2013 Internationale Thüringen Rundfahrt der Frauen, Germany, Stage 2
• 1st place — 2013 Chrono Gatineau, Canada
• 2nd place — 2013 Pan American Continental Road Championships, Mexico, Women’s Elite Time Trial
• 4th place — 2013 Ronde van Gelderland, Netherlands
• 1st place — 2012 USA Cycling National Racing Calendar Women’s Individual Standings
• 2nd place — 2012 Chrono Champenois – Trophée Européen, France
• 1st place — 2012 Classica Citta Di Padova, Italy
• 1st place — 2012 Nature Valley Grand Prix, Overall Classification
• 2nd place — 2012 Cascade Classic, Overall Classification
• 2nd place — 2012 SRAM Tour of the Gila, Overall Classification
• 4th place — 2011 Redlands Bicycle Classic, Overall Classification
• 3rd place — 2010 Tour de l’Aude, Stage 3
• 10th place — 2010 Tour de l’Aude, Stage 9
• 1st place — 2010 Sea Otter Classic, Road Race

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