I’m sitting in the airport and I have plenty of time to write a blog post…  It’s been too long yet again but for that I’m sorry, but not really (let’s be honest).  It certainly isn’t my favorite thing to do, but in my defense I have been crazy busy with all good stuff.


I raced my last World Tour race with Cylance Pro Cycling, well it was the last World Tour race in Madrid, Spain part of La Vuelta for the men.  They are nice enough to give us a 2 hour race after they have raced for 21 days.  I often think I would like to do a Grand Tour and then I think, nope I don’t really want to do that.  Racing for 21 day doesn’t seem to be that great and a little excessive.  Although I would love to see some more longer tours on the schedule, 10 – 14 days would be great!  Anyways, I ended up 6th and that put me into the top 20 in the World Tour rankings.  Not too bad sense I missed out on both stage races in the World Tour competition (lots of points) and missed a few one day races.  I’m happy with the result because I am not a pure sprinter so a top 10 is good, a top 5 would have been better, and a podium would have been the spectacular.  I did what I could, I’m was improving every race so that’s all I can ask for.  






After Madrid, I had some crazy travel to meet up with the Walton Endurance crew to do a fund raising ride for cancer.  I flew into Tours, France and met up with there BMS team to ride 3 days through France into Spain.  There the Spanish crew takes over and they do 3 days of Spain, and this goes on and on across Europe.  It’s the Country 2 Country Ride 4 Cancer.  This ride inspired me in so many ways, the French team was spectacular and I was so blessed to be a part of there group.  They met there challenge and all came out with smiles on there faces and has a feeling of accomplishment that was pretty overwhelming.  After that ride I flew back to Italy to gather my stuff to take to America, that’s where I am now.  Traveling home…


Freedy (my Italian boyfriend) is obviously very upset with my leaving, I will miss him…

I can’t wait to spend time with my husband and kitties.  Making coffee and cooking good food for friends and family.  Oh yeah, I need to train a little too.  The season isn’t over yet.  I have World Championships in October.  I’m excited to get back home and refocus for a couple more weeks and try to kick ass in Qatar.



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